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Finding The Purpose Of (my) Life

Writing about my writing.

Hello there, I'm a writer

I'm new to BookLikes and still trying to figure out how to get around here, so I'll just introduce myself. I live in Oregon, USA, I'm a retired software engineer, and I'm working on making a second career out of doing all the things I love that I didn't have enough time to do when I was working. I have authored two books, published through Amazon. The first was "First Aid For Your Menopause Emotions", published in 2011, and the second was "Take The Wind Up With You", published in Kindle format last August, 2014.


I read mostly non-fiction, and generally just at night when I go to bed. I've been an armchair scientist my whole life, and I'm currently reading "Cave and Cosmos" by Michael Harner. Someday I hope to put up book reviews here, including books about authoring, as there were several I found very useful.


During the day I'm usually painting, gardening, making fused glass, gardening, plant shopping, making videos; practicing recorder, keyboard, or guitar; or writing. My first book was non-fiction, but that pretty much used up all the sensible things I have to say, at least for now, and I'm much more interested in writing stories, songs, poems, or posting on one of my blogs. I currently have an art blog, one active gardening blog, the blog about my second book, and a small youtube channel.


I'm calling this blog "Finding The Purpose Of (my) Life" because writing has probably helped me find more out about myself and my relation to the universe than anything else I've done. Gardening is probably second, and googling has to come third because there's  no better physical place that I know of to get useful answers.


I found BookLikes with Google, for instance.


Here's a list of my blogs:


My art blog


My garden blog


My 2nd book blog


My youtube channel


Thanks for stopping by!